Interactive Screen Sharing For In-Person Presentations


Empower Your Audience

Prezentra lets you share your computer's screen during in-person presentations so your audience can easily capture selected screens and add notes on their mobile device or computer.


Share Any Screen

Prezentra works with PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, web browsers, and any other application on your computer. Create a free Presenter account on your computer, and you are ready to go.

Not supported on Mobile

Capture Valuable Information

Access presentation history reports, gaining valuable insight into your audience engagement. See how many people captured your slides, view the most popular slides, and get a complete list of participants and the number of screens each person captured.


Try Our Live Demo

We have a live presentation running 24/7 so you can test the audience experience. Although you won't see the Presenter's "big screen" you can still tap the capture button and see how slides are saved to your device. Slides change every 30 seconds. 

Click the Join a Live Demo button and on the next screen enter your email address and click Join the Presentation.


Free To Use

Prezentra Basic is free to use. You can share your screen with as many people as you'd like. Create a Presenter account from your computer and start sharing your screen. Instructions to your audience on how to join your presentation will display when you run Prezentra. Your audience joins the presentation from their browser, and they do not need to download any application.

Not supported on Mobile


Our Technology

Easy. Fast. Secure.

At Prezentra we are excited about making in-person meetings more effective and fun. Our patent pending technology enables screen sharing with hundreds and even thousands of people at the same event. We continuously work to add new features to Prezentra to give you more ways to share your live presentations and get better understanding on how people interact with your content. 

One Application
Endless Use Cases

Use Prezentra at conferences, sales meetings, classrooms, lectures, corporate seminars, events, or virtually anytime you share content on a screen in front of an audience. 


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