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Effortless Screen Share & Capture for In-Person Events and Meetings

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Make Your Presentations More Engaging

Share your screen in real-time, allowing your audience to capture screenshots and take notes on their own devices. Whether you want to share your entire screen or just specific applications like PowerPoint or Google Slides, Prezentra makes it easy to keep your audience involved.

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Get Started Now With a Free Account

Sign up for a free Prezentra account and start enhancing your presentations today.  No downloads or installations are required.

Prezentra is perfect for conferences, sales meetings, classrooms, lectures, corporate seminars, and events. Simply click the "Start Presenting Now" button to get started.

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Unlock Valuable Insights

Prezentra not only helps you engage your audience, but it also gives you valuable insights into their engagement.


See how many people captured your slides, view the most popular content, and get a complete list of participants and the number of screens each person captured.  Use this information to improve your presentations and make them even more effective.

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Experience Our Audience Live Demo!

Experience the power of Prezentra for yourself with our 24/7 live demo. Just click the "Try The Live Demo" button below to see how easy it is to capture slides and engage your audience. Start using Prezentra today and take your presentations to the next level.

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